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Not a Place. Home.

Creating a stronger, safer, and more beautiful West Bloomington by empowering residents and revitalizing the community

WBRP is committed to our mission, values, and goals for West Bloomington. 

WBRP is proud to offer a wide variety of programs to support our community. We’d love to have you take part in any or all of them.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Help join the movement and get involved with one of our activities today.

In addition to helping by volunteering, your generous donations help keep our cause alive. Whether big or small, all donations are valued.

Not Just a Place. Home.



Entrepreneurs & Talent

We want to learn more about the entrepreneurs, musicians, small business owners, bakers, artists, and overall talent and skills we have in West Bloomington so we can partner with and promote them! We would like to hear about any businesses or individuals who live, work, or own a business located in West Bloomington, which we consider to be west of Downtown Bloomington. You can recommend yourself or someone you know about!

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