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  • Front Desk: Volunteers help with the Tool Library and Bike Co-op front desk operations during open hours.

  • Tool Library: Volunteers are needed to assist with the workshop area, tool inventory, repairing broken tools, sorting donations, etc. 

  • Veggie Oasis: Volunteers help glean and distribute fresh produce each Saturday. Visit the Veggie Oasis Facebook group for more information.

  • Community Gardens: Volunteers needed to weed, mow, plant, and maintain our community gardens. Great opportunity for groups.

  • Bike Co-op: Volunteers assist with cleaning, repairing and sorting donated bikes.

  • Book Bike: Volunteers will ride the bike and help give away books at various community events and Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market.

  • Facility and Building Maintenance: Care for the building cleanliness inside and out, make calls for repairs, sort and organize donations/materials at WBRP.

  • Organizing: Volunteers assist with organizing files, forms, basement, kitchen, tool inventory, garage, seeds, bikes and bike parts, and more.


FUNDRAISING: Serve on a committee to plan fundraising opportunities to support the mission of WBRP.

MARKETING/EVENTS/COMMUNICATIONS: Serve on a committee to plan events and create marketing strategies and pieces.

WEST FEST: Help plan our annual bock party.


VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT: Recruit, train, and manage volunteers. Coordinate volunteer open house events


COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Connecting directly with the residents of West Bloomington about WBRP services and opportunities.

ORGANIZATIONAL OUTREACH: Connecting with other aligned organizations in our community who serve residents in West Bloomington.


If interested in volunteering at the WBRP with one of our many programs, please complete the Volunteer Intake form.

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