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Art & Beautification

The Art & Beautification program's mission is to provide tasteful, aesthetically pleasing, and artistic beautification projects that honor our historical and cultural roots, build on the pride and strengths of our neighborhoods, and engage residents. 

Get Involved

If you're interested in assisting with WBRP Art & Beautification, contact us if you

  • own private commercial space or building and would like to donate space for a mural or art installation*

  • are an artist or community resident with an idea for street beautification in historic West Bloomington. 

*WBRP is a 501c3 organization and can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donations.


WBRP Sunflower Mural, August 2019

  • Located on the east side of the WBRP building

WBRP Pride Mural, August 2019

  • Located on the west side of the WBRP building

Bloomington Youth Mural Project, June 2019

  • Partnered with Artolution, ISU Art Station and the City of Bloomington

  • Located at the intersection of Market and Morris

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