Tool Library

The Tool Library is a low-cost tool lending program designed to serve the Bloomington-Normal community. Tool lending provides homeowners with the resources that they need to make repairs and modifications to their homes, allowing them to maintain a feeling of independence and integrity. Having the proper tools is a necessity for any project. 

Tool Library Membership

Any Bloomington-Normal resident over the age of 18 is eligible to use the tool library. Please arrive during our business hours with a valid driver's license or state ID and complete the necessary paperwork to become a Tool Library member and begin checking out tools.

The Tool Library will be implementing the following changes, starting May 31st, that all members should review. Tool Library members now have easier access to tools due to new membership format and tool rental protocols.

This change is to simplify the loan process by eliminating one-time tool rental fees and assist in paying for tool repairs, replacements, and potential growth. Read below to see how this affects you and your Tool Library membership.

New Membership Format 

Prior to all members' next Tool Library loan, a new membership plan must be chosen. Plan selection required regardless of prior Tool Library membership. Available options for Tool Library membership listed below.

*Membership update/assistance available at next tool rental or call WRBP during store hours*

Basic Membership

  • By selecting this option, members agree to pay a monetary donation of your choosing (with a suggested amount of $20).

  • Payment is due before being able to complete another tool loan or during new member registration. 

  • This membership does not include access to the Workshop Space.

  • Membership must be renewed annually. 

Volunteer Membership

  • By selecting this option, members agree to volunteer 2 hours of your time to the WBRP in lieu of paying a monetary donation. 

  • Tools are immediately available for loan upon volunteer membership registration. 

  • Volunteer hours must be completed within 2 months of re-registration/new member registration.

  • This membership does not include access to the Workshop Space.

  • Membership must be renewed annually. 

  • Volunteer work depends on member capabilities and WBRP needs. Work often involves cleaning and/or yard work. Date/time of volunteer work will be planned and discussed between member and WBRP manager in advance

Premiere Membership

  • By selecting this option, members agree to pay $50 for an annual membership (no volunteer time required).

  • Payment is due before being able to complete another tool loan or during new member registration. 

  • This membership includes access to the Workshop Space during our hours of operation.

  • Membership must be renewed annually. 


What else is new? 

  • To use the Workshop Space with a Basic or Volunteer membership, please prepare to pay a $6 one-day membership fee (just like the Bike Co-Op).

  • Certain tools have shorter loan lengths than the default 1 week loan length. 

  • Maximum of 7 items to be loaned at the same time (per membership).

  • No more usage fees/suggested $ donation for certain tools.

  • No late fees on tools.

Tool Library Inventory

We currently do not have a way for the public to browse our inventory online. If you’re looking for something specific, or to check if an item is available, please call our building during our business hours.

In general, we usually have the following items available to borrow:

  • NEW! Kitchen items: dehydrator, hand mixer, large stock pot, crock pot, instant pot, induction cooktop, 22” electric griddle, mixing bowls, cutting boards, baking sheets, juicer, infrared thermometer, frying pan

  • Hand tools: hammers, tape measures, screwdrivers, wrenches and ratchets/sockets of all sizes, rubber mallets, pliers, levels, squares, wire cutters, utility blades, putty knives, scrapers, riveters, vice grips, chisels, trowels, metal files, pipe cutters, variety of hand saws, crowbars, axes, hatchets, chisels, wedges, etc.

  • Woodworking tools: routers, biscuit joiner, hand and electric planers, carving tools 

  • Drills and drill accessories: wood/metal, drywall, impact driver, hammer, variety of bits

  • Power saws: circular, reciprocating, jig, miter, table

  • Saw horses

  • Sanders: orbital, finishing, belt, corner

  • Grinders

  • Rotary tools

  • Tile cutters: wet saws, hand tile cutters

  • Yard equipment and gardening tools: electric cultivators, lawn mowers, snow blowers, hedge trimmers (electric and manual), electric chain saws, pole saws (electric and manual), weedwackers, wheelbarrows, tampers, post hole diggers, post driver, farm jack, rakes, shovels, axes, hatchets, garden hoes, loppers, shears, pruners, trowels, hand rakes, hand cultivators, seed spreaders

  • Inverter Generator

  • Blow torches

  • Hot glue guns, heat guns

  • Hand trucks

  • Pneumatic tools: nailers, staplers, air compressors, hoses

  • Automotive items: battery charger, jumper cables, random orbital waxer, torque wrenches, 

  • Lighting

  • Straps

  • Extension cords

  • Step ladders, extension ladders

  • Shop vacs and fans

  • 50’ drain snake

  • Flooring: pneumatic flooring nailer, knee kicker/carpet remove

  • Home: wallpaper remover, sewing machine, home tool kits

In our Workshop Space, we have a dust collection system, air filtration system, and the following equipment: Table saw, sliding compound miter saw, scroll saw, band saw, planer, and drum sander.

If you do not have a Premium membership, it will cost $6 each time you use the workshop space.

Get Involved

Here's how you can help support the Tool Library. Donate an item off our wish list, raise awareness about the Tool Library by word of mouth, like our Facebook page, or consider a financial gift. Volunteers are also needed to support the operations of the Tool Library, check out the current volunteer needs. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Tool Library Wish List

If you're able to donate any of these items, we'd greatly appreciate it! All items need to be in good, working condition with zero parts missing. If you have an item you'd like to donate that's not on this list, feel free to give us a call!

  • Floor sander: orbital and edger

  • Automotive equipment: body cart

  • Painting supplies: drop cloths, rollers, extenders, trays, paint pail, 10 in 1 tool

  • 2 gal. air compressor

  • Snow shovels

  • Garden loppers 

  • Standing weeder tools


Workshop Space

The Tool Library Workshop space is now open for all your home improvement and repair projects. Learn how to use a tool and build your own projects at the Tool Library,  Read more about the workshop in this WGLT article and come in and check out the space.