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Driven by the voice of residents, the WBRP leads impactful, collaborative efforts of neighbors and local stakeholders that honor our historical and cultural roots, build on the pride and strengths of our neighborhoods and empower residents to be leaders and achieve a vision for a better community.


Located in the heart of the city, West Bloomington will be characterized by its high quality-of-life, empowered residents and deep sense of pride. Through partnerships and strong associations, and building on the neighborhood’s history and diversity, West Bloomington will be home to new jobs, homes, and vibrant public gathering spaces in a safe and welcoming community.


We believe in empowerment

People can achieve their goals when they have access to the resources they need. The WBRP listens to our neighbors and creates opportunities for action. We offer connections to information, ideas, equipment, and each other so that individuals can create their own pathway to success.  Everyone and everything in this neighborhood has value and potential.


We believe in diversity

The Westside celebrates the many cultures that have made this neighborhood their home. The WBRP honors the history of the neighborhood and contends that this is the neighborhood of the future. Diversity is a strength and should grow. Everyone should feel welcome on the Westside.


We believe that healthy individuals create healthy communities

Everyone has a right to secure housing, healthy food, a safe community, and opportunities for civic engagement. The WBRP knows that helping one person helps a whole family. Helping one house helps a whole block. Helping one neighborhood helps the whole city. Reciprocity in individual relationships and organizational partnerships means we create a healthy community together.


We believe in constant improvement

Our neighborhood is a great place to live right now and we know it has a bright future. We see our community for what is strong and not for what is wrong. We will show others how to see opportunities and not problems. The Westside is a leader in how hard work, resourcefulness, and creativity can transform a place. The WBRP embraces our dynamic environment as an opportunity to grow and innovate.


We believe in stewardship and transparency

The Westside is worthy of investment and the WBRP is a good steward. We are grateful for the time, talent, and treasure that people bring to our mission. We will honor that investment by providing meaningful experiences in our programs and being accountable for meeting and exceeding expectations. Our leadership is always looking for ways to leverage strengths, bring value, and remain relentlessly mission-driven.


Board Officers

President – Krystle Able,

Vice President -- Breanna Brown,

Treasurer – Nate Edison,

Secretary – Karen Schmidt,

Assistant Treasurer – Greg Bonham,


Director - Krystle Able

Director - Breana Brown

Director - Tyler Fuller

Director - David Kidd

Director - Ray Morris

Director - Katherine Sawyer

Director - U. D. Williams

Director - David Roehrig

Director - Sarah Hurley

Director - Mikaila Walls 

Director - AJ Singer 

Director - Jess Brooks

Ex-Officio Bike Co-op - Dan Steadman
Ex-Officio Book Bike - Karen Schmidt  

Ex-Officio Veggie Oasis - Mary Beth Godfrey 

Ex-Officio Community Gardens - Jeff Woodard


By-Laws of WBRP


Our original neighborhoods, Olde Towne and Gridley Allin Prickett (GAP), are long-established areas of Bloomington located directly west of downtown along Market Street. Our area is home to historic housing, long-standing churches, social service agencies, and small businesses. However, our community faces unique challenges and was identified as an area of concern and need for intervention in 2007.

A decision was made amongst public, private, and nonprofit sectors to take significant steps towards revitalizing West Bloomington neighborhoods. This included the formation of the West Bloomington Task Force – a group focused on creating a comprehensive plan to achieve significant community development. The West Bloomington Task Force was made up of representatives from the City of Bloomington, the Economic Development Council of the Bloomington-Normal Area, State Farm Bank, service area companies, non-profit organizations and social service agencies, and the GAP and Olde Towne neighborhood associations.

It was then that we made commitments to the West Bloomington Revitalization Project with intent to serve as a model for change for other neighborhoods in the Bloomington-Normal area. Through our strategic planning, we were able to identify key themes in which we needed to focus our attention: economic development, safety, housing, youth, and education. These themes are highlighted in the various programs we offer today and we hope to continue evolving our efforts as we continue our mission.

Original West Bloomington Revitalization Project Quality of Life Plan (Founding Document)

Expanded Service Area:

The geographical boundaries of the 'West Side of Bloomington' shall be North of 6 Points Rd, South of the Bloomington/Normal border, West of Main Street, and East of the Bloomington border to the West.

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