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The WBRP strives to support literacy and education for youth and adults throughout our community. Weather permitting, you will see the Book Bike out and about every weekend often during the week. The Book Bike is stocked with donations for new and gently used books from residents of the community. The Book Bike has a simple operating principle: we give away as many books as an individual wants, for free, no strings attached, no questions asked. The Book Bike looks to bring books and people together in happy and surprising ways.

About the Bike

The Book Bike is a 3-wheeled Worksman bike. On it's front platform is a book carrier that folds out into book shelving. A single-geared trike, the Bike can weigh almost 300 pounds when full of books. We're grateful to strong friends and neighbors, students, and other strong and hearty bike riders who are willing to help us get the Book Bike around. 

The Book Bike is at the Downtown Bloomington Outdoor Farmer's Market every Saturday. We are at neighborhood events through the summer, fall or spring months. You can also find the Book Bike during the annual Labor Day parade, the Laborer's Christmas party. 

Interested in having the Book Bike at your event this year? Contact us.


Get Involved

Donate Books

If you are cleaning your bookshelves or attic, think of us, we can always use books. We have special need for board books (chunky books for the pre-readers), manga and graphic novels for teens, Step-Into-Reading children's books, young adult chapter books, and Spanish language books for all ages. We welcome gently used or new books. 


Books can be donated during WBRP building hours


Host a Book Drive

We can supply an informational trip-fold and any other advertising you need for your workplace or event book drive. 

Ride the Bike

Take the Book Bike for a ride. We will give you a short tutorial on riding the Book Bike and how to work with people of all ages who want books.

Assist with Book Inventory

We sort and inventory books a few times a year. If you are a book lover, we could always use an extra set of hands. 

Contact Us

We are happy to arrange a Book Bike Visit and look forward to having readers throughout our community share the love of reading and literature. To invite the Book Bike to your event, or to volunteer as a reader or cyclist, or to donate books, contact us.


The original inspiration behind the WBRP Book Bike

Bike BloNo volunteers for the WBRP Book Bike

The Book Bike was Made Possible By:

Chris Koos and Vitesse Cycle

Mark Fagerland of Unique Design

Mike and Cindy Kerber

George and Myra Gordon

Karen Schmidt

Earl and Carol Reitan

The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund

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