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Bike Co-op

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WBRP Bike Co-Op Mission Statement


The Co-Op’s mission is to foster community health by promoting the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of recreation and transportation. We strive to do so by providing a welcoming environment where anyone can learn about building, maintaining, and safely riding bicycles.



Co-Op workers, volunteers, and visitors can expect everyone to respect them, the space (including the Tool Library and Workshop), the tools, and the equipment. The Co-Op reserves the right to dismiss and/or ban from the building anyone who does not do so. 


What We Do:

During the building’s hours of operation, we… 

  • Make repairs and, as time allows, assist those who have paid the $5 fee for one-day access to Co-Op facilities.

  • Accept donated bikes, parts, and accessories—in any condition. 

  • Sell bikes that our volunteer mechanics have refurbished. 

  • Sell used bike parts and accessories. 


What We Do NOT Do:

  • Accept new bike repairs 15 minutes before closing time.

  • Keep privately-owned bikes overnight.

  • Pick up donations.

  • Repair or accept donations of electric- or gasoline-powered bicycles. 

  • Take on inexperienced volunteer mechanics.

  • Loan bike tools or equipment.

  • Buy or trade privately owned bikes.


Volunteer Mechanics

The Bike Co-Op is managed and operated by volunteers. Typically, mechanics volunteer to work Saturdays, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and Thursdays, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. These hours are subject to change depending on volunteers’ availability. If you need a mechanic for a repair, we recommend calling before arriving to confirm that a mechanic is available.


Our mechanics’ experience and skill levels vary. If a mechanic determines a repair is  beyond their capabilities and/or time constraints, they will recommend a local bicycle shop.


We are always looking for individuals with bicycle repair skills to volunteer as mechanics. Please inquire with the front desk person.


Earn a Bike Program

Anyone can earn a bike that our mechanics have renovated by volunteering at the WBRP.  Each hour worked by an earn-a-bike volunteer earns $20 toward the purchase of a bike priced at $50.00 or less. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present while volunteering. 

Repair a Bike

For a fee of $5, and depending on available space, visitors get one-day access to Co-Op tools and equipment. As stated above, private repairs must be completed by the Co-Op’s closing time.


Purchasing a Bike

Anyone can purchase bikes that Co-Op mechanics have renovated during the WBRP’s regular hours of operation. Prices typically range from $30-$100. We do not have an inventory online.


Rick Heiser

June 7, 1948 - December 5, 2018

Rick was a founding member and devoted servant of the West Bloomington Revitalization Project, particularly the Tool Library, the Community Garden, and the Bike Co-op. Without Rick Heiser there would be no Bike Co-op. Its genesis lies in his fixing neighborhood kids’ bikes on his front stoop as an act of good will. This was vintage Rick: ever eager to lend a hand; nothing fancy, just getting the job done and helping others. Walk In Bike Out, or WIBO, originated on that front stoop in 2010. The next year, WIBO moved to the Front Street parking garage, where it remained until 2015, and then to The Creativity Center on Chestnut Street, where it carried on its work until 2017. Over the course of those eight years, and with Rick constantly involved, WIBO gave away well over 1,000 bikes. With Rick’s help and guidance, WIBO evolved into today’s WBRP Bike Co-op. Volunteers continue his legacy by teaching community members how to repair their own bikes and by reconditioning bikes that are sold to support the Co-op and its mission to help others help themselves.

Current Bike Co-op Mechanics

If you're already a Bike Co-Op volunteer, please sign up for your next shift using this link.

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