Healthy Eating Program

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The West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP) wants Westside families to eat more fresh produce and be healthy. The Westside has been called a “Food Desert” because residents face challenges getting to and from grocery stores that carry healthy food options.
The WBRP secured a grant to give forty eligible Westside families a free box of fresh, organic vegetables from PrairiErth Farm every week through the 2021 Farmers’ Market season (mid-May through mid-October).

What's in the Free Veggie Box?

  • The Free Veggie Box contains fresh organic vegetables from PrairiErth Farm in Atlanta, IL

  • This box is part of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program where participants get a pre-packaged box of the freshest vegetables from the farm each week for the season

  • Recipes will be included with every box

  • There will be a “Share Table” at pick up and you may take vegetables from the “Share Table” or leave any items from your box that you do not wish to take home

  • The box MUST be picked up on Wednesdays between 6-7:30pm at the WBRP office (724 W Washington). When a box is not picked up, it will be surrendered. It cannot be held past 7:30pm

  • If a family misses three pick-ups, they can no longer be part of the program.

  • Others can pick up the box if given permission for them to do so in advance

  • The Free Veggie Box runs from mid-May to mid-October 2021

What Else Comes with the Healthy Eating Program?

  • The Facebook Group WBRP Healthy Eating Program is open to all families

  • The WBRP maintains community gardens and offers workshops on growing your own food 

  • Community partners provide health outreach programs during Free Veggie Box pick up

What is involved in the Research Program?

  • The WBRP wants to better understand how to help families eat healthy and be healthy

  • There are surveys at the beginning and end of the program with a focus group in the middle 

  • The research program is optional and families can get involved or opt out at any time

  • Participants will receive a copy of the report on research results

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Fill out the participation survey to get started

  • A WBRP volunteer will follow up via email/phone to complete the enrollment process

  • Once all forty spots are filled, a wait list will start

  • Families MUST live on the Westside and must be low-income

Contact Us

For more information, email, call the WBRP office at 309-829-1200, or stop by during office hours. Thank you!