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Operations Manager

Job Description Summary

The Operations Manager (OM) is the operational arm of the WBRP, making sure the organization functions properly in accordance with its strategic and practical goals, embodying the essence of its Mission, Vision and Core Values throughout. To that end, the OM oversees and coordinates WBRP’s 7 P’s: Place, People, Programs, Projects, Partnerships, Public, and Property.


  1. Place: Develop a safe, welcoming, and well-organized environment for all walk-in traffic at the WBRP building, assisting with a variety of community needs within the scope of our offered services (and making referrals to other local service agencies as appropriate).

  2. People: Recruit, train, schedule, and supervise volunteers and interns. Keep track of project opportunities and responsibilities for individual and group volunteers. Oversee internship project management and coordinate evaluation with internship supervisors. Track volunteer activity (hours, projects, donations based on activity). Recognize the valuable contributions of our interns/volunteers and create a positive work experience for them.

  3. Programs: Work with Program Directors to help facilitate and support their operations, priority given to those tied directly to open hours: Tool Library, Bike Co-op, Veggie Oasis, etc. Assist in grant management related to programs gathering requirements, data, monitoring and helping to ensure that objectives/deliverables/outcomes are met. Actively monitor and evaluate program processes and procedures with a focus on evaluating effectiveness and efficiency. Routinely provide written feedback, to the board, on recommended program and process improvements.

  4. Projects: Assist with coordination of various special projects that arise throughout the year, like fundraising events, West Fest, home-improvement demonstrations, public presentations, etc. Provide a point-of-contact for any special use permits required to execute a project. Some assistance could include transportation or delivery of WBRP products, goods, tools, etc. and could include the use of their personal vehicle (mileage to be reimbursed per IRS standard).

  5. Partnerships: Work directly with the Board of Directors, Program Directors and Committee Heads through attending scheduled meetings and delivering required reports. Foster and maintain broader community relationships with other not-for-profits (NFPs), local & county government officials and other municipal employees in service of WBRP goals.

  6. Public: Manage communication channels for WBRP: mail, email (, voicemail, and social media messaging. Address news/media engagement with Executive Committee oversight.

  7. Property: Manage and maintain a clean, functional, and accessible building & grounds. Coordinate tenant and larger property needs through appropriate support channels.


The hours and schedule will be primarily based on the seasonal needs of the WBRP as determined by the Board of Directors. Hours may fluctuate occasionally depending on the immediate needs of the WBRP. This position requires a mix of in office retail operations and administration. A hybrid working model may be adopted upon approval of the personnel committee. 

Minimum Qualified Experience

Associate’s and/or a Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in community-based non-profit management or related field is desired. (Candidates with significant non-profit work experience will be considered.)  A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role is also highly recommended.

Desired Skills

  1. Coordination - Collaboratively manage efforts and details.

  2. Delegation - Respectfully direct the efforts of others.

  3. Analytical - Monitor events and programs for critical & actionable information. 

  4. Solution oriented – Ability to identify needs, communicate problems and develop potential solutions.

  1. Personable – Ensures that everyone the WBRP engages with feels valued and welcome.

  2. Flexible – Able to adapt to all the various demands and requirements that may arise.

  3. Responsible - Self-directed and reliable to carry out tasks unsupervised.

  4. Resilient - Able to deal with emotionally and psychologically challenging situations.

  5. Articulate - Demonstrates strong verbal and written communication skills to all types of people.

  6. Accepting - Values and esteems all manner of people regardless of culture, class, ethnicity, life-style, or developmental / physical ability.

Other Basic Qualifications

  • Valid driver’s license.

  • Resident of West Bloomington (preferred).

  • Prior experience in recruiting and coordinating volunteers (preferred).

  • Ability to use computer applications including, but not limited to: word processing, desktop publishing, project management, social media, database, and basic point-of-sale software.

  • Must pass a criminal background check and undergo a drug test. 

Physical and Environmental Requirements (desired abilities)

  • Capable of ascending and/or descending ladders, scaffolding, stairs, and ramps.

  • Ability to personally navigate into different positions in order to accomplish tasks in various environments including tight and confined spaces, hot and cold, dry, wet, icy, and snowy conditions. 

  • Able to adjust or move objects up to 35 pounds in all directions. Will require occasional work outdoors.

  • May require periods of standing in excess of two hours.

Reporting Structure

The Operations Manager directly reports to a representative of the Personnel Committee or an Executive Board Member (determined by Board of Directors).​


Part time (30 hours per week) -

  • $18.50 per hour

  • 60 hours PTO annually

  • Healthcare Stipend 

It is the policy of the WBRP to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals, where employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or any other protected characteristic as established by law. This policy of Equal Employment Opportunity applies to all policies and procedures relating to recruitment and hiring, compensation, benefits, termination, and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Interested candidates please email cover letter and resume to

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